Freshmen International Applicants

International Students or Permanent Residents applying as a Freshmen from a U.S. High School:

A. Complete the Common Application.

B. Any period of the four-year high school record not recorded on the American high school transcripts must be furnished from all schools attended abroad.  Both the official record in the native language and a professional translation are required.

C. Students who have attended U.S. high schools for fewer than three years must meet the same English language proficiency requirements as do international students applying from abroad. Applicants may waive the TOEFL if they have scores of 450 or higher on the SAT  Critical Reading and Writing tests or ACT English sub-scores of 21 or higher.

D. Ordinarily freshman applicants attending American high schools must minimally have cumulative grade point averages of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

E. Complete a Certificate of Finance

Please note: An affidavit of financial responsibility for the first year's expenses (or, at the discretion of the dean of admissions, a tuition deposit) must be submitted by applicants requiring student visas.  Permanent residents are not required to provide affidavits of financial responsibility.  Signed declarations of finances accompanied by official, certified bank statements must be received by the university in order for an I-20 immigration form to be issued.

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