Student Testimonials

Since 1986, over 200 students have participated in the Summer Research Program sponsored by the School of Science at Saint Mary's College. 

Nathalie Lambrecht with her poster at the AAAS meeting in Boston.

Nathalie Lambrecht worked under the guidance of Prof. Jeff Bernard during Summer 2012.  She writes, “[t]he Program was an incredible opportunity to explore research from start to finish. I was able to design my own study and run both the experiment and the analysis in the lab, facing both the struggles of needing to revise original plans and the triumphs of successfully getting results after hours of trials. The program culminated in writing a research paper and then presenting the research through a poster. The most incredible part of the experience was then being able to travel to Boston, MA to present research at the national AAAS Conference. I not only shared the research I had done with others, but attended talks and meetings with prominent scientists from around the world. The research program was an invaluable opportunity to gain experience that I will be able to utilize throughout my science career.”  Her research project was titled, “The effects of amino-acid supplementation, diet and chronic exercise training on glucose tolerance in Sprague-Dawley rats."  She was also the winner of the Josheph P. McKenna award, given to the research project judged best by a panel of SMC students and faculty.




Eliot Jackson with her poster presentation at the AAAS meeting in Boston held during Feburary 2013.

Eliot Jackson worked with Prof. Michael Marchetti in Summer 2012.  She writes, "[m]y research this summer gave me the opportunity to explore my strengths and weaknesses in the lab and in the field. As a scientist the summer research position is a great place to be to get real world experience under the guidance of a mentor. I was also able to build connections in my field by working with the research team at Carlson Lab who was partnered with us on the project and through the many people I met at the AAAS conference I attended with three other SMC research students this Spring."  Her research project was titled, "In-stream leaf decomposition rates along a seasonal tributary of Lagunita Creek."






Chris Beck and his research partner Bianca Auble in the White Mountains

Christopher Beck participated in the Summer Research Program during the summer of 2011.  He writes: "The Program was a phenomenal opportunity.  Although I am biology major pursuing medical school, my summer research centered on atmospheric chemistry and air quality. One might argue that researching surface ozone in Yosemite and the White Mountains of California doesn’t quite relate to the medical field. But the underlying process beneath all research is interdisciplinary: collecting and synthesizing data, analyzing the observed problems, and determining the potential solutions all help to develop critical thinking skills – something essential for any career in science, especially medicine. To top it off, the project was incredibly enjoyable. I was happy I could work on a project related to chemistry and the environment before rushing off into more clinic-based research in medical school.  Who wouldn’t want such an opportunity?"





Easar Forghany During Summer 2009During the Summer of 2009, Easar Forghany studied the effects of surface ozone with his research mentor, Professor Joel Burley (Chemistry). Easar is now working for Dow Chemical in Houston, Texas.  He says that his experience at Saint Mary's was invaluable and that the individual attention he received, in particular during the Summer Research Program, will have a lasting impact on him.