Summer Research

Our Summer Research Program enables students to work for ten weeks in close collaboration with a faculty advisor of his/her choice, on a research project developed by the student.

Students spend the summer (typically after their sophomore or junior year) gaining first-hand experience with genuine scientific research.  Each participant receives a stipend, housing on campus, and a very rewarding experience!

     “I feel it has paved an important road for me for future research and graduate school. It has
      certainly showed
me what it means to do research in the lab and how exciting it can be.”
           - Michael Pisarek ‘06

     “My relationship with (research mentor) Dr. Field was the single most important thing that led me
      to pursuing
a career in science.”
           - Danielle Smith ‘03

     “It’s exciting to help students really get into the field, develop specific research skills and work on
that interest them.”
            - Professor Mary McCall, Department of Psychology

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Interested in other summer oppportunities?

Many research institutions have summer programs for undergraduates (Research Experience for Undergraduates) sponsored by the National Science Foundation. For more information, see NSF REU programs.

Additionally, many companies offer summer internships. For more information, see the Career Center's Scientific Summer Research and Internships information or the Careers tab under School of Science to access a partial list of companies that offer science-related internships.