School of Liberal Arts

"To be liberally educated is to be transformed..."

The School of Liberal Arts offers an education that lasts a lifetime - one that honors cooperative as well as individual achievement, promotes the application of learning to progressively complex problems, and fosters creativity, self-awareness, and civic engagement. No matter what they study - the fine arts, the humanities, the social sciences - liberal arts students not only complete a degree in their chosen academic area, they also learn to think critically, gather and access information, solve problems, express themselves with clarity and precision, and collaborate with others.

The hallmark of the School of Liberal Arts is the preparation it gives students for lifelong learning. Technical skills may become obsolete over time, but the skills and values gained through liberal arts coursework will not. Almost every profession requires the intellectual habits of rational analysis, integrative thinking, and ethical decision-making. Today's organizations value students with a liberal arts education because their knowledge, values and skills prepare them for changing economic conditions.