Alice Baldridge


School of Science » Environmental and Earth Science
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Brousseau Hall - 112

Phone: 925-631-8140





PhD Geological Sciences, Arizona State University, May 2008

M.S. Geology, Arizona State University, May 2002

B.S. Earth Science, University of California, Santa Cruz, June 1998

Courses Taught

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EES 40 Introduction to Geology

EES 50 Historical Geology

EES 100 Hydrology

EES 110 Remote Sensing and GIS

EES 150 Environmental and Physical Geology of the Parks

EES 160 Earth Materials

EES 180 Sedimentology





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Scholarly Interests: 


  • Remote Sensing
  • Spectroscopy
  • Past Aqueous Environments on Mars
  • Mineralogy of Evaporite (Dry Lake) Deposits