Course Descriptions (Pre-Fall, 2015)

For students enrolled before the Fall 2015 semester, the LEAP Core Curriculum is comprised of ten liberal arts courses.

Pierre Villanoba

LEAP 176 - Writing for the Liberal Arts
Enhances the academic skills of critical thinking, reading, and writing. Assignments focus on autobiographical writing, critical analysis of life experience, literary analysis, and traditional academic writing, including the integration of research.

SEM 109 - Critical Perspectives I
An exploration of great writings that have shaped Western culture, including The Epic of Gilgamesh, and works by Dante, Chaucer, Blake, Melville, Plato, Shakespeare, Sophocles, Thoreau, Morrison, Cather and Stoppard. Students reflect critically upon important ideas and learn to cultivate habits of careful and disciplined reading.

SEM 163 - Critical Perspectives II

A study of the life stories of people who experienced a transformation of their lives when confronted with injustice. Writers include Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Elie Wiesel, and others.

SEM 144 - Multicultural Thought

A seminar course designed to explore diverse perspectives and a variety of cultures.  Examines a range of authors from the Americas as well as works from non-European traditions.

SEM 125 - World Traditions (interchanges with Multicultural Thought)
The themes and ideas from previous seminars (SEM109 and 163) are examined from non-Western perspectives. Readings include works from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East that raise basic human questions of courage, compassion, loyalty, and wisdom.

LEAP 100 - Personal and Professional Assessment
The exploration of the learning cycle, from reflection on experience to construction and application of knowledge. This analytical and self-reflective process is recorded in an Experiential Learning Portfolio, a collection of essays and supporting documentation, which may be further evaluated for transcripted academic credit.

KINES 17 - Kinesiology and Human Performance
An introduction to the anatomical structures and physiological mechanisms pertinent to the study of the sportive body. The adaptations of the human in response to exercise will be explored with particular emphasis on energy systems and cardiorespiratory performance. Muscular anatomy, physiology, strength, endurance, and flexibility will be examined.


Performing Arts Courses

Students take one of the following 4 courses, which are offered on a rotating basis:

PERFA 197 - Rock to Bach

Students in this class cultivate the ability to listen more deeply. They study the evolution of classical music, jazz, blues, and early rock through exposure to more than three dozen composers — from Bach to Miles Davis to Little Richard.

PERFA 33 - Principles of Performance

An introduction to the theory, history, and styles of acting with emphasis on the development of a character, script analysis, and the dynamics of performance.

PERFA 121 - Dance History I
This course covers the development of dance from its roots in court dancing through the development of ballet to the beginning of the modern era.

PERFA 123 - Dance History II
A study of the history, tradition, and the recent developments of the various styles and techniques of American dance, including ballet, modern, musical theatre, tap, and jazz.


Electives & the Senior Project

Two electives and the Senior Project course encourage students to pursue their special interests in dance or other subjects. Course offerings include:

  • 198 Senior Project
  • 197 Independent Study
  • On-campus Elective Courses
  • LEAP Elective Courses (subject varies)
  • Online Courses