Program Details

Become a first-rate secondary educator. 

The KSOE’s Single-Subject Preliminay Teaching Credential program combines rigorous coursework with supervised student teaching in diverse settings. By successfully earning a credential in our one-year, 35-unit program, you will be qualified to teach middle school, junior high, or high school in both public and private schools in California.

When should you apply?

The Single-Subject Preliminay Teaching Credential has a Summer and January start term. Applications are accepted year round. Priority deadlines must be met to be considered for admission scholarships.

Required courses** (35 units total) as of August 1, 2017:

SSTE 215: Foundations of Secondary Education (3 units)

SSTE 340: Teaching for Social Justice (3 units)

SSTE 350: Humanizing Education Methods, includes general methods and subject matter support (4 units)

SSTE 211: Social and Psychological Foundations of Education (3 units)

SSTE 375A:  Praxis Seminar I (4 units, including seminar and fieldwork)

SSTE 227: EdTPA Support (1 unit)

SSTE 254: Foundations of Literacy (2 units)

SSTE 375B:  Praxis Seminar II (7 units, including seminar and fieldwork) offered effective Spring 2018

SSTE 380: Advanced Education Methods(4 units) under review; offered effective Spring 2018

SSTE 274: Universal Access to Education (3 units)

SSTE 276: Health Education (1 unit)

**NOTE - The CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing is requiring that all credential programs make revisions to meet new standards and requirements.  The '17-'18 school year is considered a transition year, so there may be some adjustments to courses and start times.  Please connect with the admissions counselor of that program for specific details.If you were admitted to the program prior to August 2017, please see the Course of Study document.**

Continue on to a Master of Arts degree.

Getting your single-subject credential is a great step toward a rewarding teaching career. But in just one more year, you can earn a Master of Arts in Teaching or Master of Arts in Education. The automatic bump in salary you’ll receive with this advanced degree is definitely worth the small, additional investment of time.