Dean's Welcome


I'm so pleased to welcome you to the Kalmanovitz School of Education! 

The Kalmanovitz School of Education is a student-centered learning community that inspires excellence and innovation in counseling, education, and leadership.   

Grounded in the traditions of John Baptist de La Salle, an 18th century educational innovator who brought education to communities in poverty throughout France, the Kalmanovitz School of Education is committed to Lasallian pedagogy, which emphasizes the treatment of students as whole people with complex lives, complex needs, different learning styles, and unique perspectives. Lasallian educators are particularly concerned about poverty in our communities, specifically the way poverty impacts the ability of children to learn. In this way, effective teaching and effective community engagement is social justice in action.

In the coming years, the KSOE will be known even more widely for its academic excellence in support of social justice. The school will be an active learning environment specializing in environmental literacy, Lasallian education, and urban education. It will be known for partnerships with schools and other organizations emphasizing community engagement, action research, and community-based research.  


Christopher Sindt
Dean, the Kalmanovitz School of Education