Jan Term 2018 Travel courses

Jan Term 2018 Travel Course titles below; click on the titles to view course details. Note: all course fees are estimates, subject to change. Contact Jan Term with any questions: x4245 / Janterm@stmarys-ca.edu / Brother Jerome West 130 + 140


v  JAN 170: SMC DIRT: Mount Kilimanjaro Taught by Shawny Anderson and Jesse Wheeler


v  JAN 171: Lasallian Service Internship I Taught by Carrie Davis


v  JAN 172: Lasallian Service Internship II Taught by Michael Barram and Carrie Davis


v  JAN 173: Ecuador and the Galapagos: Navigating Foreign Policy and Politics Aimed at Conserving Biodiversity Taught by David L. Chambers and David C. Chambers


v  JAN 174: Fascism, Resistance and Solidarity: Italy and its Wounds Taught by Laura Fantone


v  JAN 175: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation of South Africa Taught by Margaret Field and Douglas Long


v  JAN 177: Christians in Rome, Yesterday and Today: A Pilgrimage of Faith from a Global Perspective - Taught by Fr. David Gentry-Akin and Virginia Prior



v  JAN 179: Ancient Athletics: A Gael Odyssey Taught by Deane Lamont


v  JAN 180: Rebel Artists in the Rebel City: A Sister City Exchange Between Cork and Bay Area Artists Taught by Raina Leon


v  JAN 181: Wildlife Conservation: Australia - Taught by Derek Marks


v  JAN 182: Sundance Film Festival Taught by Virginia Saenz McCarthy


v  JAN 183: Engaging Christian Art: Italy and France Taught by Tom Poundstone


v  JAN 184: Tradition and Modernity - Taught by Alvaro Ramirez


v  JAN 185: India Through the Senses: The Music, Food, Film, and Fashion of an Ancient Country in the 21st Century Taught by Aaron Sachs and Kavin Paulraj


v  JAN 186: Disconnect, Power Off, and Unplug: Embracing the Lost Art of Solitude in an Immersion Experience on the Big Island of Hawai'i Taught by Linda Saulsby and James Wood

v  JAN 187: The Web of Life on the Island of the Gods: Nature and Culture in Bali Taught by Kenneth Worthy


v  CANCELLED JAN 176: Spain: Telling Stories through New Media Taught by Cynthia Ganote

v CANCELLED -  JAN 178: The Yosemite Experience Taught by Craig Johnson