NOLA 2006

SMC Student Relief Workers in New Orleans, Louisiana

Saint Mary's students spend their Spring Break assisting in the relief effort. Read post-spring break reactions...

Welcome to the SMC Student Relief Workers web site and photo journal! 24 students, 2 instructors (Shawny Anderson and Marcia Ong), and one fearless bus driver spent January Term 2006 in New Orleans, participating in direct hurricane relief.

They completed more than 4000 hours of direct service, including:

  • Clearing or recovering salvageable items from 23 homes, making most of them eligible to receive FEMA trailers as the owners begin to rebuild.
  • Clearing a church, so that it can be decontaminated and restored.
  • Helping to prepare a school to reopen.
  • Preparing a community theater, an art gallery, and a thrift store to reopen.
  • Recovering lost boats and a trailer on the gulf coast of Mississippi.
  • Assisting in restoration of three city parks and monuments.
  • Restoring and conducting soil tests in eight community gardens so that neighbors or market gardeners can replant.