Structure and Expectations of Members


  1. The GPSAC will be co-chaired by a student-member of the Board and the Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Studies.   The Office of the Vice Provost will support the GPSAC.
  2. In total, it will inculde at least 10 students:  at least 4 from KSOE, and 3 each from SEBA and SOLA.  It will include at least one member from the undergraduate professional programs.
  3. The initial members of the GPSAC will be chosen by school deans; subsequent members will be chosen by the membership through an application process.
  4. Students will commit to one year of service on the GPSAC with an option to renew for one year if enrollment for that year is planned to continue.  Members that become alunmi are allowed to serve for a total of 6 months.
  5. The GPSAC will meet as a group 5 times per year (once every 3 months and 1 additional retreat in the summer).
  6. Students from the GPSAC will be called on to represent graduate and professional studies in special meetings and events, and this group will send representatives to the Campus Facilities Committee, the Library Committee, the Graduate Council (meetings with Directors), and the Alumni Board of Directors.
  7. Its agenda will forward the purposes described above, and the concerns of the GPSAC will evolve with student input.   This group can decide whether or not the organize into a Graduate and Professional Student Association.