Ethnic Studies

Do you have an urgency to address issues of social justice, discrimination, immigration or globalization? We encourage you to consider pursuing a degree in Ethnic Studies. 

The Ethnic Studies Minors at Saint Mary's College of California use an interdisciplinary approach to address issues of social justice through expanded notions of critical thinking, multiculturalism, gender sensitivity, business ethics, and comunity responsibility.  Through research, teaching, service learning, and public outreach, Ethnic Studies students explore the specific "social situations" of individuals and entire communities that have been historically underrepresented, with the long-term expectation of fostering an inclusive community climate-on and off campus. Ethnic Studies is a multidisciplinary program/minor encompassing, among others, anthropology, the arts, economics, history, politics, psychology, communications, and sociology. Its focus is on the United States with particular attention paid to the major underrepresented minority groups: African American, Latino, Asian American/Pacific Islander and Native American. It addresses issues of social justice, discrimination, immigration and globalization as well as the contributions that each ethnic group has made to American society. The Ethnic Studies minor complements the College’s commitment to social justice, and to fostering a diverse community respectful and appreciative of cultural difference.