Sample publications in the areas of physical environment, corporate governance and social business by the School of Economics and Business Administration faculty.

Physical Environment

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Corporate Governance

Investment and Fiduciary Duty

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Social Business

Education and Challenge of PovertySubrahmanyan S. and Gomez-Arias, J.T. “Poverty in a marketing class?” Responsible Management Education and the Challenge of Poverty: A Teaching Perspective. Ed. Gudic, M., Parkes, C. and Rosenbloom, A. Sheffield, UK: Greenleaf Publishing, 2016.


Journal of MacromarketingBanbury, C, Herkenhoff, L and Subrahmanyan, S. “Understanding different types of subsistence economies: The case of the Batwa of Buhoma, Uganda,”Journal of Macromarketing, 2014.


Social Entrepeneurship and InnovationKamath, S., Lee, Y.-J. and Zhang, X.T. "Social enterprise models: creating the fortune at the base of the pyramid," International Journal of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation (IJSEI), Vol. 2, No. 3, 2013.