Start a Project

Tell us your communication goals and we'll help you achieve them.

Have a message you want to convey?  An event you want to publicize?  But you're not sure how to work with our department or what we can do for you? Here are the seven steps on how to work with College Communications.

Step One: Defining Your Project

Organize and define your project by answering these questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the goal/outcome you want to achieve?
  • What is the most important message you want to convey?
  • What is the specific tone or requirements you want to achieve?
  • Is this driven by a specific event?
  • What is your budget (whether it is $0 to $5,000+)?
  • When do you need it?
  • Are there any must have items that we need to include in the project (e.g., a letter from someone)?

Step Two: Submit A Project

Use what you've gathered from Step 1 above to submit your project request online. We'll reach out to you within two business days with the next steps or additional questions.

We need at least eight weeks from receipt of all contentcluding photos and text, to deliver a project.

Step Three: Discovery Meeting

If it is determined that we can help you, a discovery meeting is scheduled with our team. At this meeting we listen to your needs and gather more information on the scope of the project so we can create a creative brief.

Step Four: Confirm Creative Brief & Schedule

We listened, now the project manager will contact you within a few days with a creative brief for your team to review. We welcome any feedback, and once approved, we'll send a project plan to you for review and approval.

What is a creative brief?

It's a strategic plan that both College Communications and our partners agree upon that guides and supports project concepts and solutions. it provides details of what should be considered when something is being designed, in the broadest sense (from graphics to web layout), and is based upon what you provide via the project request form and discussion at the discovery meeting.

A creative brief will focus all of our efforts and sharpen the campaign message by:

  • connecting objectives with creative strategies
  • building team consensus
  • aligning expectations, and
  • defining clear, measurable goals

A project plan includes the following:

  • team members, stakeholders (for approvals) and vendors (if needed)
  • deliverables, by audience and including quantities (e.g., brochures to be distributed to seniors, digital ad on Facebook for parents)
  • asset inventory (e.g., what photos have been provided and what is still needed)
  • schedule
  • budget, including billing information
  • metrics to be tracked to measure success (if any)
  • lifespan of deliverables (e.g., repeated annually with updates, will be used for three years as is)

For some projects we may send the creative brief and proposed project plan at the same time.

This step is ensures we are all on the same page before we dive into the detailed development of a project.

Step Five: Development Begins

Now the work begins with editing your text, designing collateral, proof reviews, etc. We typically provide you with two proofs to review. During this period your availability is critical and thorough review is essential. If this is a tangible product a few bids will be provided for the printing cost once the first proof is approved.

Step Six: Delivery

The development is completed and the product delivered. Printed products are delivered either to the campus warehouse, our office, or to the mailhouse depending on the project need. We review the product for quality and confirm quantity. Invoices are sent to us directly to confirm total cost agrees with quote. In some cases we will pay the vendor in advance with our Pcard and arrange for a charge back to your department GL code. You will be advised in advance of such transactions.

Step Seven: Debrief

Wan want to know if the project was a success and how we did. After delivery we will schedule a debrief meeting with you to review any availble metrics we have gathered and analyzed, or you have available (e.g., event attendance vs. goal attendance level). And we want to know how the project experience was for your team, what worked well and what we can do better next time.

Ready to Get Started?

Allow a minimum of eight weeks from delivery of all assets (e.g., text, photos) for completion of your project. We will contact you within two business days upon receipt of your request. For questions or more information, contact us at 925-631-4278. We look forward to helping you achieve your communications and marketing objectives.

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