Rights and Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

  • Self identify and meet with SDS office
  • Request and renew accommodations every semester/term thereafter
  • Follow policies/procedures to request and use accommodations

Student Rights

  • SMC will follow current disability laws & common practices within the guidelines of the Office of Civil Rights (OCR)
    • See here for OCR Publication titled "Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities".
  • Information will be handled confidentially
  • Treated fairly and without discrimination
  • Receive reasonable and appropriate accommodation(s)
  • Effective and appropriate procedures in place to address challenges and grievances

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Treat all disability information confidentially
  • Honor accommodation requests from SDS office
  • Refer students to SDS-- if they disclose a disability to you, please refer to SDS
  • Contact SDS directly with questions, challenges, or concerns regarding any student disability related issue

Faculty Rights

  • Contact SDS directly with questions, challenges, or concerns regarding student disability related issues
  • To be notified in a timely manner of student accommodations in accordance with SDS policy
  • Expect students to adhere to the student conduct code regardless of disability
  • Expect students with disabilities to meet the requirements of the essential elements of the course